Founded in Liverpool in September 2013, Peermedics is a student led peer-to-peer teaching initiative. It was developed by two medical students for the benefit of their student peers. Peermedics provides a platform for all medical students and Foundation Doctors to deliver regular structured teaching to those within three years of themselves. It aims to benefit both teachers and students alike.

In the summer of 2014 Peermedics was awarded funding from Jisc, an organisation which supports UK education and research ( Now going into it’s 5th year, Peermedics is the official peer-to-peer medical teaching society at both the University of Liverpool and University of Limerick. In Liverpool it has expanded it’s peer-to-peer teaching into local hospital sites as well as the University Campus.

Peermedics plans to expand its teaching base beyond Liverpool and Limerick. It’s aim being to implement its teaching programme within other universities across the UK. In the future, we also plan to develop our website further to enable our student teachers to host events, share their resources and build their own personal teaching profiles.

If you’d like any more information about Peermedics, feel free to check out our Peermedics Handbook: Institution Handbook 2014-15 or contact us at

We hope you find the website useful and we welcome any feedback!

Peermedics team