Peer-to-peer teaching is a well known and effective method of education that exists in most UK medical schools. Due to the demanding nature of the course, medical students often look for teaching from anywhere they can find it, usually from friends that are further into their studies.

Limerick Lecture

Limerick Peermedics

Peermedics removes the spontaneity of teaching times, pulls teaching out of student houses, and makes it available to anyone and everyone. Ultimately, a more structured peer-to-peer teaching format allows younger students to benefit from structured teaching from older, easily approachable students on a regular basis.

Along with this, Peermedics sessions also double up as an opportunity for students to ask any questions they may have regarding social events, sporting activities or issues with university life in general.

The aim of Peermedics isn’t to reinvent the wheel, only upgrade it and make it totally inclusive.

Liverpool Peermedics

Liverpool Peermedics