• Regular teaching on topics that they have requested
  • Teaching from experienced students who have already taken the exams they’re learning for
  • Freely available resources online
  • Opportunities to chat with older students
  • A place to pick up tips on what to expect from exams and clinical placements
  • A great way to meet other students
  • Opportunities to practice OSCE skills
  • Provides a platform for students to teach in the future


  • Enables students to develop their teaching, presentation and communication skills
  • Excellent form of revision
  • Assisting with mock OSCE sessions (a great way to perfect clinical skills!)
  • Feedback is provided following every session
  • Certificates are awarded for teaching 3 (Blue), 5 (Bronze), 10 (Silver) and 15 (Gold) teaching sessions
  • Peermedics Teaching Teachers programme